Are you a fan of book? Or do you like reading? Well what kind of book you read? Is it a fiction, nonfiction or other? Have you find the great books to read? Well, we have some recommendation for thriller genre books. They were written by DC Alden, a professional fiction writer and specialist of thriller books. These thriller books become the best books of 2011.
The special things which can be found in Alden’s books are the thriller story written in them. Although, the story is only a fiction, Alden can bring some adventure and factual action combined with great imagination of war and others from page to other pages. These best books of 2011 are specifically made as twin or series books. It means a story in a book typically also connected to the other. Invasion is the first book, while the second book is The Horse at the Gate.
The story in those best books of 2011 tells about the condition of war where the two brothers act as the characters. The content of book is really attractive and so strain to be read while imagining you are also there. You can read more in the synopsis directly at the official page of DC Alden.


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